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Changes for the New Year 2017


The autumn of 2016 has brought about many changes in our country.  Some anticipated and planned, like our recent Presidential election, with the result being favorable for the winning party and conversely a surprise to the other.  Or the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series!

Another recent change widely anticipated by the financial community was the Federal Reserve announcement to raise interest rates.   …

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Jan 9Doug Harrison

What is Your Plan?

Jan 9Doug Harrison

The role of the CFO in many companies extends beyond the role of financial statement stewardship to the integration of operational and marketing capabilities into a strategic road map for the organization to execute and monitor organization performance. Small and medium-sized businesses are not immune to the pressures of competition, changes in the market place and technological innovation and disruption.…

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Working Together

Happy Team

Working Together

Principles and Practices

I had the opportunity to hear Alan Mulally, former president of the Ford Motor Company, speak at a conference this past summer. The title of “Working Together” is his and his story is one that we can all learn from.  Alan was the first outsider brought in to run Ford. …

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Do You Have Boundaries?

Total Success Person Juggling Stars

Boundaries apply to all of us in everything we do. A boundary in this context is defined two ways: What you create it to be and what you allow it to be.  This leads to the concept of who is in charge of your life and your success.  According to Dr.…

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How the Presidential Election Will Affect the Stock Market

Presidential Election

Great article from Anne Kates Smith on Kiplinger.   Published earlier this year,  she discusses the variables associated with the Presidential Election and potential impacts on the stock market.

Myths abound, but when it comes to your portfolio, it doesn’t matter much which party wins the White House.



Every four years, politics and finance converge as Americans elect a president and investors try to figure out what the outcome means for their portfolios.

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