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Newsday Interviews Jerry Mills in Plan ahead: Create an exit strategy


From NewsdayPlan ahead: Create an exit strategy

Plan ahead: Create an exit strategy Jamie Herzlich Exiting your business may be the farthest thought from your mind, and you’re not alone in that. In fact, about 70 percent of small-business owners have no exit strategy, according to a Securian Financial Group survey.…

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Apr 21Tim Watkins

The Entrepreneurs Library – The Exit Strategy

Apr 21Tim Watkins

In this audio clip B2B CFO® Founder Jerry Mills shares all his insights on his book, The Exit Strategy Handbook, where he reveals the best way business owners can prepare themselves for selling a business.


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Nov 24Sal Burd

Are you managing your Cash or is it managing you?

Nov 24Sal Burd
Zoomed In George Washington On Dollar Bill

By Johnny Gates


I recently saw a survey concerning the degree to which business owners are managing their cash flow. The results might be surprising to many in that only 20% of business owners felt they were in control of their cash flow. This means that over 80% of owners manage their business without having the necessary control over cash.…

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Online Marketing Synonyms Logo

I was with a client recently who was bemoaning the fact that his sales and marketing team was letting him down. It seems that the only new business coming into the firm was business that he himself brought in.  So I asked him how the latest lead came in, he said that he was in a conversation he had with a good connection of his, someone he served on a not for profit board with, and the discussion turned to business and the types of clients he was looking for.…

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Oct 3Sal Burd

5 Things You Must Do to Successfully Launch a Business

Oct 3Sal Burd
Woman Looking At Laptop With Success

It seems to me that lately everyone is starting or is looking to start a new business. The numbers of upstarts that my partners and I see weekly is amazing. Well, for all of you future entrepreneurs, this article is a must. I found it in the Entrepreneur Magazine and thought I would share it with all.…

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