B2B CFO® Cements Position as Industry Leader with New Patent

Link to Morningstar publication https://www.morningstar.com/news/business-wire/BWIPREM_20190606005254/b2b-cfo-cements-position-as-industry-leader-with-new-patent.html Patent for firm’s proprietary B2B Exit software in effect until 2035 B2B CFO®, a national firm dedicated to providing management advisory services to privately held companies, has received a patent for its B2B Exit software. Jerry L. Mills, founder and chief executive officer of B2B CFO, said the U.S. Patent… Read more »

Seek and You Shall Find

Woman Looking At Laptop With Success

Seeking Systems are a part our brain that create natural impulses to explore our world; learn about our environment; and extract meaning from our circumstances and relationships, this is according to Daniel M. Cable in his book Alive at Work.  The Seeking System encourages us to find new hobbies and seek out new skills; all… Read more »


Driving your business towards success requires leadership and not just your own.  The leadership in your organization needs to grow and change in order for your company or organization to grow.  How about you, has your leadership ability grown or changed over the past couple years?  Or are you leading your company the way you… Read more »