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Like Love and Marriage | Strategic and Financial Planning

In the words of Frank Sinatra “Love and marriage, love and marriage, go together like and a horse and carriage, this I tell you brother, you can’t have one without the other”.    The same holds true when it comes to strategic and financial planning.     Too often business have very detailed strategic plans (often too much… Read more »

Applying Wisdom in Business – The Four Agreements

I recently finished reading The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.  It is a practical look at finding personal freedom that reveals the source of self-limiting beliefs that rob us of joy and create needless worry and stress in our lives.   A New York Times best seller for 8 years, it is not generally considered… Read more »

Changes for the New Year 2017

The autumn of 2016 has brought about many changes in our country.  Some anticipated and planned, like our recent Presidential election, with the result being favorable for the winning party and conversely a surprise to the other.  Or the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series! Another recent change widely anticipated by the financial community was… Read more »

Working Together

Working Together Principles and Practices I had the opportunity to hear Alan Mulally, former president of the Ford Motor Company, speak at a conference this past summer. The title of “Working Together” is his and his story is one that we can all learn from.  Alan was the first outsider brought in to run Ford. … Read more »