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Sal Burd

Skokie, IL CFO

31 Years of Experience

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University of Illinois, Chicago, BA

Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, MBA

Certificates & Licenses:

Certified Public Accountant,

Certified Business Transition Expert


Illinois CPA Society

Midwest Business Brokers & Intermediaries,

National Association of Distinguished Professionals,

Financial Executives Networking Group

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Sal’s Bio

Sal brings 28 years of experience in accounting, risk and treasury management, strategy development and implementation in many industries. His extensive knowledge and operating experience position him to quickly assess the needs of a business, develop a plan of action and implement required improvements. Sal's work ethic combined with strong mentoring and hands off managerial style, allows client's personnel to quickly capture the essence of the knowledge required to propel the organization to the next levels.

After obtaining his accounting degree from University of Illinois, Sal started his professional career in public accounting, servicing audit and tax clients of the firm in manufacturing, service, financial and real estate industries. After moving into industry, Sal filled Controller and Treasurers roles, worked as a CFO for both private and publicly held companies in heavy industrial machinery, medical device manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, high-tech engineering and electronics recycling companies. He was involved in numerous acquisitions and startups, lead public company through bankruptcy restructuring and venture funding. In his latest position as a Director of International Operations, Sal has mentored and developed employees, worked global ERP design and implementation, managed an international subsidiary, reduced corporate risk exposure and structured tax strategies for a multinational organization.

Sal is Certified Public Accountant, registered in Illinois, and a member of both American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and an Illinois CPA Society. He earned his MBA in Finance, Management and Organizational Behavior from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Sal and his wife of 30 years, Elizabeth, live the in the northern suburbs of Chicago. He is an avid reader, loves sports, exercise and golf.

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Sep 12Sal Burd

The “5 C’s of Credit”

Sep 12Sal Burd

The “5 C’s of Credit” What Do They Mean to Your Small Business Loan? By Edward Allon One of the most common questions among small business owners seeking financing is: “What will the bank look for from me and my business?” While every bank has its own unique criteria, many use some variation of “the five C’s of credit” when making credit decisions. Broadly speaking, they are: Character Cash Flow Collateral Capitalization, and Conditions Let’s take a look at each

Oct 25Sal Burd

Clarifying Confusion in Business

Oct 25Sal Burd
Business definitions

Many times over the past 30 years, I have heard many people confuse business terms and definitions. No surprise, since most of the professionals in the field blur these definitions. So, today I am going to define several distinct corporate sizes, job titles and tools to clarify the confusion. Definition of company size According to Federal Small Business definitions, depending on the industry classification, small business company is the one that employs less than 100 employees and has less than

Nov 24Sal Burd

Are you managing your Cash or is it managing you?

Nov 24Sal Burd
managing cash

By Johnny Gates   I recently saw a survey concerning the degree to which business owners are managing their cash flow. The results might be surprising to many in that only 20% of business owners felt they were in control of their cash flow. This means that over 80% of owners manage their business without having the necessary control over cash. Unfortunately the lack of financial control of your business can lead to devastating consequences. Compare this situation to driving

Oct 3Sal Burd

5 Things You Must Do to Successfully Launch a Business

Oct 3Sal Burd
Woman Looking At Laptop With Success

It seems to me that lately everyone is starting or is looking to start a new business. The numbers of upstarts that my partners and I see weekly is amazing. Well, for all of you future entrepreneurs, this article is a must. I found it in the Entrepreneur Magazine and thought I would share it with all. The effort required to launch a new venture can seem daunting. Of course, specifics vary based on the type of business you’re establishing;

Sep 5Sal Burd

Startup CFO Is Like A Personal Trainer

Sep 5Sal Burd
Woman Exercising With Her Trainer

Its not often that I come across an article in major publications that truly reflect the experiences and feeling of a CFO in a startup. Article below is just such an article.  Having many years of experience in strtups, I thought I would share it with all. As one of my former bosses and dear friends keeps telling me: “Sometime it feels like I am herding kittens”. So many opportunities, so many threats.  Personalities and policies. Client needs and vendor demands

Aug 22Sal Burd

U.S. Increases Scrutiny of Employee-Stock-Ownership Plans

Aug 22Sal Burd
Bull Matador Dodging Bull 4

I found this article about employee-stock-ownership plans and how the valuation plays key role to avoid future law suits. Some owners are selling stakes in their companies to employee-stock-ownership plans at inflated prices, the government says, jeopardizing those savings. The Labor Department is the plaintiff in 15 lawsuits related to employee-stock-ownership plans, with “virtually all” the cases alleging shoddy estimates of what a company’s shares are worth, said Timothy Hauser, a deputy assistant secretary at the agency’s Employee Benefits