Startup CFO Is Like A Personal Trainer

Its not often that I come across an article in major publications that truly reflect the experiences and feeling of a CFO in a startup. Article below is just such an article.  Having many years of experience in strtups, I thought I would share it with all.

As one of my former bosses and dear friends keeps telling me: “Sometime it feels like I am herding kittens”. So many opportunities, so many threats.  Personalities and policies. Client needs and vendor demands weigh heavily. Entrepreneurs know how to build widgets or provide the best service. This financial stuff is necessary evil. The key for the entrepreneur is to have a trusted adviser.

Companies in their early stage of growth may not need a full time CFO, but they do need someone with expertise and steady hand to navigate “deeper waters”.

photo credit: EMS Fitnessstudio Personal Training via photopin (license)


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