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Seek and You Shall Find

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Seeking Systems are a part our brain that create natural impulses to explore our world; learn about our environment; and extract meaning from our circumstances and relationships, this is according to Daniel M. Cable in his book Alive at Work.  The Seeking System encourages us to find new hobbies and seek out new skills; all… Read more »

Like Love and Marriage | Strategic and Financial Planning

In the words of Frank Sinatra “Love and marriage, love and marriage, go together like and a horse and carriage, this I tell you brother, you can’t have one without the other”.    The same holds true when it comes to strategic and financial planning.     Too often business have very detailed strategic plans (often too much… Read more »

Changes for the New Year 2017

The autumn of 2016 has brought about many changes in our country.  Some anticipated and planned, like our recent Presidential election, with the result being favorable for the winning party and conversely a surprise to the other.  Or the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series! Another recent change widely anticipated by the financial community was… Read more »

How the Presidential Election Will Affect the Stock Market

Great article from Anne Kates Smith on Kiplinger.   Published earlier this year,  she discusses the variables associated with the Presidential Election and potential impacts on the stock market.   http://www.kiplinger.com/article/investing/T043-C008-S003-how-presidential-elections-affect-the-stock-market.html Myths abound, but when it comes to your portfolio, it doesn’t matter much which party wins the White House.   Thinkstock By ANNE KATES… Read more »


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I was with a client recently who was bemoaning the fact that his sales and marketing team was letting him down. It seems that the only new business coming into the firm was business that he himself brought in.  So I asked him how the latest lead came in, he said that he was in… Read more »