The Excel Experience™

What would it mean for your business to be considered Best in Class?  To be the benchmark that other companies try and emulate?  How do you view your competition?  Do you tolerate your competition? Or would you rather crush them?  Are you playing the business game to play?  Or are you playing to win?

The partners at B2B CFO® each with decades of experience leading and managing organizations toward greatness are positioned to assist you to achieve your goals, develop your business growth strategies and maximize your profits.  As your CFO we are there to be a strategic advisor.  Once we have developed how best to help your company in the Discover Analysis ™ and executed the solution in The Strategy Implementation™ phase and achieved the desired results in The Results Solution™ we are primed and ready to help you organization move to the next level.

Best in class can come in many forms.  This starts with an analysis of what you are good at.  Being good at something means you can play.  To Excel, you need to be better than everyone else.   Research proves that to be outstanding at something, anything, requires 10,000 hour of practice.  Once you excel in an area you can then expand the reach out to related areas.  In the case of your product, how can you develop new but related products that can increase sales by opening new markets? If your expertise is in the manufacturing how can you use this knowledge to reduce costs and become the lost cost provider of product?

It all starts with the right plan.  Having financial and goal clarity unleashes the achievement drive to excel.  The ultimate job of setting the company direction resides with you, the owner.  But the ability to accomplish this is determined by the key players you have sitting around the table.  One of the key players that every organization needs is a chief financial officer, and for many middle market organizations this expertise should be in the form of an advisor.  It is the responsibility of everyone around the table to create value for the company every day.  This value is driven by the clarity of the goals for the organization and helps allow the employee to align his own interest with those of the company.

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