The Ten Commandments for Business Failure-#3

The Ten Commandments for Business Failure-#3

I recently read an interesting book by Donald Keough, who was chairman of Coca Cola Company during the introduction of New Coke.  He has some intriguing insights into business failure.  What I find most interesting is the number of companies I have seen who are following at least some of these commandments.  I will publish my thoughs on this over the next ten sessions.

#3 Isolate Yourself.  I know all of us at some point in our careers just wanted to be left alone.  But if you are not involved in your business, your customers, your employees and your vendors you are missing out on great opportunities to learn and grow.  But to fail, being in an executive bubble is the way to go.  One sure fire way to accomplish this is to yell and scream at your employees.   I know of no better way to be isolated then to lash out at those around you.  Think about it; is this any way to operate?


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