What Is The Game Plan?

What is The GamePlan™?

The GamePlan™ is a proven six step process that takes an organization from where they are today to where you, the owner, want to be.  We help you achieve a higher level of success.  The starting point is an analysis of where your business is today.  We start with questions like, what keeps you up at night?  What is working in the business, what is not?  What are your frustrations and concerns?  What are your strengths?

In The Discover Analysis™ we review your financial statements and benchmark your results against others in your industry and your size.  We review your systems and interview your personnel.  From this we can create a confidential analysis of your business.  This analysis will be provided to you at no cost and will include an overall strategy, timeline and a proposal to accomplish your goals.

If you agree to move forward we begin to develop a detailed strategy to find the correct solutions for your business.  We will implement this strategy and move your organization forward.  We continually meet with you, the owner, to discuss our progress, as well as unpack additional findings.

As these initial concerns are alleviated, the next level of movement toward success will present itself.  We call this The Excel Experience™.  Once the initial areas of concern are addressed the company is often poised to move to the next level.  Whether this is growth, cash improvement or building value for a possible exit strategy; you have the team in place to help you achieve the success you desire.

The last phase of our six step process is The Exit Strategy™.  Every business owner needs to look forward to succession and/or exiting their business.  With most business owners the value of their business represents their largest asset, and one which is illiquid.  The ability to maximize the value of your business is based on your ability to plan for a transition.  This planning takes time, so the sooner you begin the process the more flexible you can be.

With B2B CFO® I can help you achieve a higher level of success with your business in the Chicago area.

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