What to Stop and What to Start

I was sitting in church recently in South Barrington, IL, listening to a message on spiritual growth.  I thought the concepts were so universal that I would share them with you, because no matter what part of your life you may be working on, growth is growth.  The speaker’s point was that in order to grow we need to consider two things.  What do we need to stop doing and what we need to start doing?  So now let’s unpack how this applies to business.  One of the things I speak a lot about with my clients is metrics.  Growing a business is all about increasing sales, so how do these tie together?

What are you currently doing that is not yielding results?  Do you think about it?  Are you tracking the results of your sales efforts?  If you are asking for the sale, are you successful?  Do you ever try new approaches? Do you ever look at changing your message, your appearance, or your delivery?  In other words is there something you need to stop doing because it is not working?

The flip side is what do you need to start doing?  When I work with clients on selling strategies, it really comes down to a numbers game.  Who are your best customers?  How did you obtain them?  How many times did you have to connect with them before they moved forward with you?  What are you doing to replicate this?  From here you can build the numbers around how many touches do you need to find a prospective client or job?  Are you working all the avenues available to you or are you concentrating on just one.  There are personal meetings, phone interviews, networking, and the use of social media and advertising.  Everything has a place.

So what do you need to stop doing and what do you need to start doing? Give it some thought and if you need help with that, give me a call.

Phil Elworth





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